Cindy Young

CINDY IMAGE Cindy melds her powerful and unique voice with contemporary issue-driven lyrics to create music that is at once fresh and new and yet reminiscent of the best classic rock, R&B, and blues. An award-winning songwriter, Cindy writes like she sings: straight from the heart and no bullshit. "I write about what's important to me, about what moves me. I just do what I do. If you like it, great. If not -cool."

Tony Carr

TONY IMAGE Born into a musical family with a guitar in hand, Tony's early influences included the Beatles, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. A serious student of the guitar, Tony studied guitar and composition with Portland composer Bryan Johanson, and classical guitar with masters Christopher Parkening and Michael Lorimer. But rock and electric blues are his first love, "I like it loud and soulful. Music to me is all about the feeling. If I can make someone feel what I feel when I'm playing, then I've done my job and I'm happy."

Kevin Venables

KEVIN IMAGE Veteran club and session player Kevin Venables brings a rock solid bag of big-bass licks to the rhythm section. He has worked in a variety of mediums: radio, theater, dance, and musical groups. After getting a degree in business communications from Portland State University, he worked on the air at several Portland radio stations. Kevin has worked with such local performers as Jim Mesi, Mel Solomon, Ralph Black, and Jon Newton, also performing as a vocalist with the Oregon Symphony Pops and the Seattle Symphony Pops. Kevin performed in a variety of musical groups such as the Jomatics and PDX.

Jerry "Jake" Jacques

JAKE IMAGE Jake comes from Longview, Washington, a mill town known for its smell of pulp and fresh-cut trees. Growing up in a musical family with a father who played jazz piano and organ, Jerry couldn't help but to be influenced by all of the musical styles that continually surrounded him. Realizing that Longview had a limited music scene, he made the move (at 21 years old) to the Portland area where he worked in various R&B and cover bands before joining the Cindy Young Band. Working with the Cindy Young Band is a drummer's dream, "All live, great musicianship, and a wide playing boundary to experiment in - what more can I say?!"